Our Hotel


A magic touch from history..

Solem Cave Suites is a boutique hotel built on the street and consisting of a combination of 3 different usage areas that have been used as a home/living space for centuries. Our hotel serves you with 17 rooms, 2 King Suites, 4 Queen Suites, 8 Deluxe Rooms and 3 Standard Rooms.

Solem Cave Suites, which has been used as a madrasa, inn and agha mansion from past to present, has been meticulously restored by our architect Fevzi Aysu and Solem Cave Chairman Muzafeer Büyükbaş, adhering to the past without damaging its historical texture, and has opened its doors for you once again.

The idea of keeping the Street Spirit’, which is the starting point of the Solem Cave Suites – Cappadoicia Project, offers you the chance to feel yourself belong to the region with the street area where the natural cave rooms are opened, allows you to see the hospitality of Cappadocia with the comfort of a home.

The ideal concept of our design has been created so that our guests can feel the history and geographical structure of the region.

Our motto is less is more and the peace that comes from the serenity.

We invite you to experience this unique culture with the comfort of Solem Cave Suites,